Competitive Pricing


We have worked hard to bring you the best products and the best service at a competitive price,which is a hard balance to find and maintain. For me, value is much more than price… it is a commitment to service, responsiveness, experience and a genuine interest in building relationships and not just sales. We sell some of the very best products available. What we are offering is better service and a better determination of what you really need.¬†Just remember what every manufacturer of high quality products believes… “Nothing is expensive when it’s worth what you pay for it.”

I couldn’t agree more.
Installation and Service Rates

Our installation and service rates vary base on location, how many installers are needed. Material costs are always extra. Under warranty service (one year from installation date) for unlimited visits is at no charge.


Costs Per Visit

Per Visit/First Hour


Costs Per Visit

Per Visit/First Hour

Warranty Work

Unlimited Visits

Per Visit/Per Hour
Labor Rates

Labor rates come in three flavors, Project Consulting, Existing Construction (Remodels), and New Construction (Residential). Below are our rates for each.

  • Project Consulting Only – $120/Hour
  • Existing Construction (Remodels) – In spite of the wide range of projects that we’ve been involved in, it’s difficult to predict the total number of hours necessary to complete the work. We can, because of our experience, give you a very good faith estimate based on the project and what you want to accomplish. We will always respect the time and expense and will try and keep you informed as to any changes. Good communication here is critical and something we work very hard to maintain.
  • New Construction (Residential) – Our average new construction project is currently taking between 40 and 50 hours; however, we have taken on projects that took much less time and others that have taken us more than 100 hours to complete, so the range is quite wide. A good rule of thumb that seems to hold up over and over again, is the square foot basis. The design and installation to completely “future-proof” a home up to 3500 square feet will typically run $1.50 per foot. Over 3500 square feet, the square foot rate drops to a $1.25 per foot and this figure holds up well in homes as large as 10,000 square feet. If you’re not budgeting for at least this level of work, you’re probably not getting what you’ll need. This includes all materials and labor to complete the rough-in/pre-wire stage for TV, telephone, satellite, computer, audio/video distribution as well as the materials and labor to complete the trim-out and calibration of all these areas. The cost of equipment, speakers, controls and miscellaneous accessories is additional – there’s really no way to put a square foot number on the various possibilities of these items. Obviously, each home and homeowner is unique in their requirements and priorities, so this is only offered as a basic guideline. Our experience has demonstrated that the pre-wire stage is always worthy of thorough attention. Technologies, never thought of just a few years ago, are now a reality and what’s coming is really unbelievable. If you are fortunate enough to be building and have the interest in future-proofing your new home, this is the place to start. You only get one good shot at it, so make the most of it. Let us show you what is possible and what you should consider. Remember, tomorrow will get here sooner than you think, so be prepared! A side note: The trade currently involved in TV/Telephone/Computer is the electrical contractor, and they are typically not interested or trained in these technologies. We have worked with most of them over the years and they will tell you themselves that they don’t care about this area and are more than happy to give it up! You have to care – it’s your home, so get us, or someone like us, involved; I can’t emphasize this enough. The TV, telephone, satellite, computer, automation and audio areas are not for the electrician. You will use your TV and telephone more than perhaps anything else in your home, and if you use a personal computer and/or a satellite system, you will be spending a great deal of time with these products. Without the right infrastructure in place, you may experience limitations in the future, so again, pre-wire as much as you can. Let yourself go a bit in this stage – we have found that people never regret allocating money to this area – make it a priority, not an afterthought!
Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer competitive pricing and total satisfaction guarantees on all our products and services. Jim Gray Designs will match the price and guarantee of any identical item sold by a local, authorized dealer as long as the item is new, in the box and carries the full manufacturers warranty. Please let us know if you find one of our recommendations locally for less and we’ll be happy to match the price. The total satisfaction guarantee is just that: if you are not satisfied with any product we have installed, for any reason, let us know and we will do everything we can to satisfy you, or we will refund your purchase price minus the labor and any unremovable materials. All we ask is that you keep the original carton, packing, manual and remote control and that the product be in very good condition.